San Antonio

Local Small Tree Service Company Blossoms with Platinum Top 50

Action Tree Service is a third-generation, locally owned tree service company that has been servicing the San Antonio community since 1950. Over the past two years, Action Tree Service has doubled its trucks and employees. Owner, Preston Moore, credits the success and growth of the company to recent investments in the company. “Two years ago, Action Tree Service made the decision to invest in technology, advertising, and develop relationships with strategic partners like Platinum Top 50. Action Tree Service has been around a long time, and most of the business has been word of mouth referrals. Platinum Top 50 has been a great place to meet a lot of successful people who are very connected within the community. If you do good work for people that know a lot of other people, word of mouth spreads faster”, said Mr. Moore. 

In addition to large hazardous tree removals, Action Tree offers services such as roofline clearance packages, stump removal, and simple trimming packages. When you are selling a home, first impressions are very important. Properly trimmed trees and trees trimmed away from the roofline help in the showing and inspection phases of selling a property. Action Tree Service offers a customer roofline & gutter blow out special for $299 that is a great fit for agents and their clients.

Action Tree operates under a 100% satisfaction model. For instance, customers do not pay anything until the work is complete and the customer is 100% satisfied. Action Tree Service has made the investment to be a part of the Platinum Top 50 family and would appreciate all of its members seeing the value of the investment. Action Tree Service would love the opportunity to earn clients trust and business. 

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