San Antonio



The Awards Program

The Platinum Top 50 Awards Program annually recognizes fifty (50) residential Real Estate Professionals for their outstanding achievements in: sales, education, industry participation and civic leadership. Often referred to as the most successful and well-rounded Real Estate Professionals, Platinum Top 50 Winners exemplify: initiative, involvement, success, and philanthropy.

Through participation in The Award Program, Real Estate Professionals experience various products and services by PT50 Preferred Affiliates, allowing them to be on the cutting edge of what is new and exciting in the marketplace.


PT50 started in San Antonio in 1999. Amber Thomas became president in 2008 and since has grown the program tremendously including its 2011 expansion into Austin

PT50 is Value

PT50 brings value to Real Estate Professionals by creating a network of elite professionals that exemplify initiative, success, involvement and philanthropy in the real estate industry

PT50 is Creativity

Creativity goes into everything PT50 produces! Whether its the Awards Ceremony, an MCE class or marketing videos….we always take a creative approach.

PT50 is Opportunities

PT50 helps deserving Real Estate Professionals grow their business through innovative marketing. By recognizing your professional and leadership accomplishments your visibility and credibility will increase to create greater opportunities for both you and your business