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Industry Involvement

Why does the Platinum Top 50 Award Program only recognize industry organizations accepted by NAR and local board of Real Estate Professionals?

With numerous professional organizations available, PT50 does not have the resources to adequately review all organizations, and therefore it would be inappropriate for us to judge the quality of your involvement.

I volunteer on a committee in my office; does this count as involvement in an industry organization?

No. Volunteering on an in-office project or committee qualifies as community involvement and should be listed in that section of the entry form.

How do you define industry involvement?


Industry involvement is defined by participation in an industry organization that is recognized by NAR, TAR or the applicant’s local board of Real Estate professionals.



Do I get any points for designations I have received?

The designations we recognize are those received through local, state and national associations or an affiliated education provider. In-house designations are not recognized.

Note: If you are also a member of the association in which you received the designation from, you are eligible for an additional membership point. For example: If you receive the ABR designation, and also pay membership dues to the ABR association, you get one point each for the designation and the membership.

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Point System

How are points earned?

For award consideration applicants must annually submit an entry form. Points are earned based on entry form answers. The acquirement of NAR approved Designations and Certifications, as well as involvement in industry or civic organizations during the applicable award year will earn the applicant more points.

Points are calculated as follows:

  • One (1) point for every designation or certification that an applicant holds at the time of entry form submission.
  • One (1) point for every industry organization, community organization or philanthropic activity that an applicant was involved in during the fiscal award year.

Additional points for increased involvement are calculated as follows:

  • One (1) additional point for committee involvement.
  • Two (2) additional points if applicant held a Chairman or Officer position during the award year.
  • Involvement with any SA2020 Opportunity Partner earns double points. For example, if you are a member of a community organization, that normally earns one point. If that organization is an SA2020 Opportunity Partner, you will earn two points for that membership.
  • The point scale is based on the time commitment and responsibility as described by the applicant on the entry form.

Finalists and Winners are chosen based on highest point totals. Point totals are calculated as follows:

  • 25% – Sales Production, obtained from your broker
  • 25% – Closed Sides, obtained from your broker
  • 25% – Education & Industry Involvement, based on your entries for Designations, Certifications, and Industry Involvement
  • 25% – Community Involvement, based on your entries for Community Involvement

How are scores calculated?

Entry form points are automatically calculated through the website and approved by Award Administrators. Points earned and sales production are uploaded to a computer program that automatically sorts the data and ranks applicants from highest to lowest based on their averaged total points. The top 150 applicants are named Finalists. Of the Finalists, those who rank 1 to 50 will be named Winners at the Awards Ceremony. The computer program equally weights an applicant’s Sales Production, Industry Involvement and Civic Involvement.

What is the Platinum Top 50 Award Program Point System?

The Platinum Top 50 point system is based on a formula that takes into account an agent’s production, industry involvement and community service. The higher one’s sales production, or the more involved he or she is in the industry or community, the more points will be awarded. Our scoring software ranks all of the applicants by combining their production and responses on the entry form. The 50 real estate professionals with the highest average total of points are named Platinum Top 50 winners.


Who oversees the Platinum Top 50 Award Program point system?

Meet our team to find out more about the Award Administrators who review all entry forms for accuracy and make sure the computer program calculates points correctly.

Why does the Platinum Top 50 Award Program use a point system?

A point system allows us to objectively determine Finalists and Winners, and because we publish the criteria, it makes the Platinum Top 50 Award Program transparent. Those competing for the award know exactly how to increase their chances of winning.

Why are designations and certifications part of the point system?

As entrepreneurs, Real Estate Professionals are responsible for their own education and professional development. Although the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) requires completion of Mandatory Continuing Education to maintain an active license, anything above and beyond that is optional. Platinum Top 50 seeks to reward Real Estate Professionals who selectively self-educate through the acquirement of industry approved designations and certifications, as increased knowledge ultimately benefits the clients a Real Estate Professional represents.

Why is sales production part of the point system?

Knowledge and skills are only valuable when appropriately applied. A REALTOR’S® sales production is an indication of their ability to apply acquired knowledge and skills to the profession. Sales production also reflects one’s ability to provide quality customer service.

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Community Involvement

What are some examples of community involvement?

Community involvement is defined as your participation in any civic or philanthropic organization, association or event where you volunteer your resources (time or money) above and beyond your professional commitments.

Some examples of community involvement include, but are not limited to:

  • HOA
  • PTA
  • Junior League
  • Alumni Associations
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Rotary Club
  • Church Committees
  • In-office community service projects

There is not a designated minimum amount for charitable giving in order for your contribution to count towards points in your overall total.

What constitutes community involvement, as defined by the Platinum Top 50 Award Program?

Community involvement includes all civic and philanthropic activities or contributing one does during the award year, outside of organizations approved by NAR or your local board. This includes, but is not limited to civic and philanthropic organizations such as: nonprofit organizations, professional development organizations like The Chamber of Commerce or Rotary Club, in-office community projects or committees, home owners’ associations, sports teams, your local PTA, etc.

Why is community involvement a part of the point system?

PT50 seeks to reward real estate professionals who unselfishly give their time to enhance their community, as their involvement ultimately leads to a more desirable city to live in. Community involvement is worth 25% of the final point total.

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Special Category Awards

How do I nominate someone for a Special Category Award?

A nominee’s broker or manager must submit a nominating letter to Platinum Top 50 before October 1st. When drafting the letter, highlight things important to the Platinum Top 50 Award Program such as the nominee’s professional success, industry involvement, and community involvement.

Nomination letters can be emailed to or faxed to 210.349.8767.

NOTE: Newcomer of the Year nominees must have been licensed within the last 18 months to qualify as a “Newcomer.”

What are Special Category Awards?

Five awards are given to individuals because of their extraordinary accomplishments, contribution and impact on our local industry and community. There are 5 special category awards. They include Career Achievement, Broker of the Year, Manager of the Year, Trainer of the Year, and Newcomer of the Year.

How are the Special Category Winners selected?

Nomination letters submitted to Platinum Top 50 Real Estate Professionals before October 1st are presented to an Executive Review Board comprised of local and national business executives who are not in the real estate industry. Board members individually read and rank the nominations. The nominee in each category who receives the highest total points from the Executive Review Board is selected as the winner.

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Are team members required to submit individual entry forms?

No, only one (1) entry form per team is needed. If multiple entries from members of the same team are submitted, the entry with the highest total points will be used. Only 1 (one) entry per team is submitted for final consideration.

Can more than one person from the same team win?

No. Only one (1) entry per team is submitted for final consideration.

Why do I need to list team members on my entry form?

Every team is reduced to individual standings by dividing their total production by the number of Qualified Team Members.

If my team is selected as a winner, how does my team receive recognition instead of me as an individual?

Whatever is listed as the “preferred name on award certificate” (found on page one of the entry form) will be used in award publicity. If you want your team to get the recognition, list your team name as the preferred name on award certificate.

Why is sales production divided by qualified team members?

As business and industry leaders, Platinum Top 50 are held to a higher standard. It is expected that an agent who has been licensed and has worked under the direct guidance of a Platinum Top 50 Real Estate Professional for more than a year has been taught the skills and knowledge to increase sales accordingly.

How is sales production divided by the number of qualified team members?

Every qualified team member (licensed and  apart of the team for a full Platinum Top 50 year) counts as a person. Total production is then divided by totoal persons on a team.

What constitutes as a team member?


A team member should have worked with you for the full Platinum Top 50 year (September 1-August 31) and be licensed to count as a team member.

If someone joined in October, or they are not licensed, they are not considered a team member and you should not put them on your application.

If they do fall within the parameters, we consider them to be a team member, and thus your production will be divided accordingly.